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The Last Straw team firmly believes that kids should stop taking the blame for common juice box spills. After all, can you really keep a kid from squeezing a juice box? Or dropping a juice box? Or tipping a juice box on its side? Kids are just being kids. The problem is the straw. For this very reason, we created the Last Straw – the world’s first no-spill straw specifically designed for disposable juice boxes and packs – to keep millions of mess-makers around the globe sipping their favorite beverages (including red fruit punch and chocolate milk) anywhere… anytime.

So if you’re tired of cleaning up juice box squirts, spills and stains, we need your help to get the Last Straw in the hands of your mess-makers! Here’s what you can do to help:

Share Your Photos & Home Videos

Share Your Biggest Squirts, Spills and Stains. We know you’ve got ‘em. And we want to see ‘em. Some corporate executives don’t believe that juice box spills are a big problem for moms and dads. Here’s your chance to show us evidence of your juice box woops and woes.

Submit your photos to one of our flickr photo sharing groups:
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Or you can share your home videos in our YouTube video sharing group.

We’ll feature our favorite photos and videos on our blog and in this web site and send you a free package of Last Straw samples to stop those squirts, spills and stains. You can also take a look at our FAQs for more information.

Featured Videos

The Last Straw Video illustrates how the first no-spill straw created by Robert Stribling and his team will solve juicebox messes forever.

Watch Sam uncover the power of the Last Straw. No more spills for Sam, this must be his lucky day!