For Co-Packers

Helps you provide increased value to your customers

  • Provides 'point of differentiation' to an innovation-starved category.
  • Improves the value proposition of your customer's products.
  • Enables your customers to develop improved products for the children's market.
  • Addresses the number one consumer complaint about aseptic packaging for kids - messes.
  • Extensively safety tested.
  • Manufactured supplied by world class vendors

Supply chain friendly

Little or no capital investment required -straw is supplied and applied just like your existing straw, utilizing minor change parts.

Changeovers are possible between TLS and non-TLS straws (does not have to be an 'all or nothing' proposition initially)

No efficiency or yield loss associated with the change

  • No change in secondary packaging
  • Effectively extends the relevant life cycle of your capitol assets by making liquid carton and pouch packages spill proof, and suitable for consumption on more occasions
  • Designed by team of experts with deep manufacturing experience