For Co-Packers

The Last Straw LLC has assembled a world class team of committed manufacturing and supplier partners.

  • Starlim-Sterner of Austria has partnered with TLS to provide high-speed molding and assembly of the straw. Starlim currently deliverers over 5 billion parts/assemblies to various industries around the world and is considered the premiere high volume liquid Silicone rubber (LSR) molder.
  • Wacker Chemical of Germany, a world class chemical conglomerate, has taken the role of material supplier for the LSR and is committed to this program.

This product has been designed for ultimate safety performance and the ability to achieve the production rates necessary to serve the market utilizing a fully automated continuous motion system. In general, this motion system will be comprised of the following:

One Main Assembly Machine consisting of multiple assembly modules.

  • Bowl feeding sub-systems
  • Straw feeding sub-system
  • Valve Orienting/Bending Machine
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Quality Assurance Inspection
  • Packaging Machine
The modular design of the system provides for the following benefits:
  • Floor space flexibility
  • Common components - minimizes the number of spare parts
  • High production rates
  • 100% Quality Inspect