For Brands

  1. The straw was developed to address the problems of spills and squirts associated with aseptic packaging, including juice boxes and pouches.
  2. Product development is completed.
  3. Safety standard and criteria have been established and accredited by third party safety consultants.
  4. Physical safety testing of the product has exceeded all safety criteria.
  5. The global market for aseptic packing exceeds 200 Billion units per annum.
  6. All materials utilized in the straw construction are FDA approved.
  7. Manufacturing partner Starlim-Sterner produced over 5.5 Billion parts in 2007.
  8. Material partner Wacker Chemical is a global conglomerate and one of the top three manufacturers of LSR (Silicone) in the world.
  9. With current manufacturing and material partners, TLS is capable of producing the product globally.
  10. TLS holds international patents and patent pending status for the Intellectual Property globally.