For Brands

Helps grow your business and expand margins

  • Expands the product category by Increasing the number of usage occasions and product offerings for young consumers and therefore sells more product
  • Grows your Market Share by providing a point of differentiation from the competition in this innovation-starved category.
  • Delivers immediately recognized consumer value to your product which allows for an 'Innovation Premium'
  • Solves #1 Consumer Complaint (messes) and eliminates the greatest single barrier to consumers buying more of your product

Works within Current Supply Chain

  • Extends the life cycle of current assets in-place by making the juice box more competitive
  • Little to No Capital Investment required
  • Changeovers are possible between straws
  • No efficiency or yield loss associated with change
  • Extensively safety tested to exceed rigorous child safety standards
  • Supplied by world-class manufacturer

Differentiated Value for the Brands

Spencer Hall Research:

  • Gain additional Market Share - The Straw has the opportunity to increase share and volume, as Moms envision using these drinks as replacements for other juice/juice drink purchases, and they also envision using these drinks at times and in places where they previously would not use boxes. Moms liked the benefit of the No Spill Straw so much that they indicated they would replace all their current box purchases with the Straw boxes, within the appropriate juice/juice drink category.
  • Increased Consumption - The Straw may also increase box consumption, as several Moms reported they may use boxes with the Straw in situations where they previously may have avoided using boxes. Some Moms noted that they restrict the times and places where they allow their children to use boxes simply because they are concerned about having to deal with juice/juice drink spills.
  • Increased Margins - Overall, Moms indicated they would pay incrementally more for this product as a complete replacement for all box purchases.