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How can I get the straw?
Submit your request here.

Do any Brands currently use this straw?
Not yet, however TLS has several interested Brands and Co-Packers.

Will the adoption of the straw require an increase in the total package price?
It is likely. TLS has developed the straw for maximum performance and safety at minimal cost. The nominal cost impact of this value add proposition should consider the increased market share and production volume.

Will the straw require down-line modifications for the filling and packaging process?
All research into packaging processes by the three major equipment manufacturers indicates that any required changes will be nominal and should not impact the production speed.

Where are the straws being manufactured?
The straws are currently being manufactured in Austria at Starlim-Sterner headquarters. This is not a permanent situation as customer demand will ultimately determine where production will be established. Starlim is using their facilities to prove the manufacturing concept and process.

Are all materials used in the production of the straw FDA approved?
Yes, the components are all FDA approved.

How many straws can TLS produce per year?
Our goal is to ramp our production to several billion straws per year. The first production cells are being designed to deliver between 400 & 600 ppm fully automated.

Does the straw come in colors?
Yes, color combinations and palettes can be requested and will meet FDA approval.

Have there been consumer studies preformed for the straw?
Yes, numerous studies with very favorable results. For more information on these studies, please contact us.

Has the straw been safety tested?
Yes, the straw has been tested numerous times by certified third party laboratories. The test results exceed industry standards by a factor twice the minimum criteria. For more information on these results, please contact us.

Can the straw be produced in various lengths and diameters?
TLS can produce the standard range of lengths used for this category of drinks. At this time the diameter of the straw is set at 4mm.